Nokesville Medicine at a glance


What we do

Dr. Bill cares for a wide range of needs including: annual physical exams, well women's exams/pap and men's health, weight loss, sick and symptomatic diagnoses and treatment, sutures and dermatological issues, in house blood draws for lab testing, respiratory and ENT problems, EKGs, simple wound care, radiographic interpretation, school and sport forms, pre-surgery and post-ER follow up, influenza and Tdap immunizations, and in-house tests for immediate diagnosis of strep, mono, influenza, UTIs, and pregnancy.  Referrals to specialists and medication refills are given as needed.


Who we see

We see patients just like you!  Call the office, visit, or simply stop by and we will make an appointment for you to be seen.  Please leave a message on the machine if we are unable to answer, and we will return your call.  If you are unable or have difficulty getting to the office, please call and we can possibly work out a house visit if you live in the area.


Office guidelines

  • While children under 12 are welcome, we do not provide child immunizations.
  • An appointment is needed when prescriptions run out, or new symptoms present.
  • Refills for controlled substances (narcotics, pain meds, certain anxiety medications, ADD meds, etc) will not be made over the phone, and usually require an appointment with the doctor.
  • Dr. Bill does not provide long-term pain management care.
  • A 24-hour notice is required for canceled appointments, including those made on  Please leave a message on the answering machine if it is outside office hours.  See the Policies & Files page for more information.

What is not prescribed

*New patients* Please be advised that the doctor will not prescribe refills for the following ADD and ADHD medications:

- Concerta

- Adderall

- Ritalin

- Daytrana

- Focalin

- Dexedrine

- Vyvanse